The +CanalConvergence augmented reality channel not only enhances the art of Canal Convergence, it also expands it.

The AR channel +CanalConvergence was first featured during a 10-day art experience Canal Convergence 2020 organized by Scottsdale Public Art, an event that ran between November 6-15, 2020 across Old Town Scottsdale AZ. In addition to large public art installations, artists were able to adapt Augmented Reality into their works and enable event visitors to uncover new creative depths and experiences. +CanalConvergence Hoverlay channel featured two Augmented Reality works of art and 18 other AR experiences.

The visitors were able to interact with artworks, take a virtual tour of the Arizona Canal’s history and its ecosystem, and trigger holograms of artists talking about their works of art. As a result of this approach, Augmented Reality components managed to replace many of traditional, in-person Canal Convergence activities like artist talks and tours, all in an effort to provide a safe way to enjoy the experience while social distancing.

A video overview of Canal Convergence 2020 annual public art event and augmented reality experiences provided through Hoverlay AR Channel +CanalConvergence.

Utilizing Augmented Reality with Physical Art

A short video showcases “Together! Responding to COVID-19” by OGE Group, a 32-foot-tall light sculpture of multicolored hands which enabled viewers to post messages via artist website and view them in space via Hoverlay AR channel.

Many of the physical Canal Convergence artworks had Augmented Reality experiences which offered an additional dimension to the event. For example, the visitors who used Hoverlay while approaching a 32-foot-tall light sculpture titled Together! Responding to COVID-19 by OGE Group were able to see messages posted via artist website appear in the physical space right in front of them, becoming an integral part of the sculpture. The messages echoed the support for medical front line workers and an appreciation for the physical sculpture.

Creating AR Experiences Using Geospatial Content Placement

Augmented Reality experiences were connected to traditional locations of Canal Convergence on and around the Arizona Canal at the Scottsdale Waterfront. AR experiences were placed using Hoverlay which enabled art curators to define an exact location for each experience, the physical range down to a single meter, as well as duration of content availability.

Through a partnership with Phoenix College, event visitors were able to experience an AR tour along the canal, featuring information about the creatures that live in below the surface of the water. This five-stop augmented reality experience allowed visitors to “capture” fish in a virtual aquarium and look closely at the aquatic life that play an important part in the Arizona Canal’s ecosystem.

Event visitors were invited to install Hoverlay browser camera, search for +CanalConvergence AR channel, and look for QR codes on signs or ground stickers at the Scottsdale Waterfront and around Old Town Scottsdale. Additionally, visitors were encouraged to share their experience using Hoverlay’s camera browser which allowed them to take photos and videos of AR experiences directly within the camera browser app.

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The map illustrates specific geo locations in Scottsdale AZ where AR experiences were available via +CanalConvergence AR channel during Canal Convergence 2020 event.