Australia is currently being ravaged by bushfires and drought that spread across the country as the regular bushfire season took an unexpected and severe turn. Australia is also home of amazing artists who draw their art inspiration from Australia’s creative spirit and natural beauty. Their work and involvement in the local communities lift spirits.

By purchasing their artworks, you will not only help them continue their artistic creation, but also support the local communities in Australia they are part of.

Hoverlay has teamed up with Australian art galleries to feature Australian artists directly affected by these tragic events. If you’ve ever thought about buying an original work by an Australian artist, there’s never been a better time than now.

Thank you for helping Australian artists in these difficult times. – Hoverlay Team

Graham Gercken

Predominantly self taught, Graham Gercken chose oil paints as his medium and painted wet into wet, which is the style of the impressionist artists and lends itself best for outdoor painting. He was most influenced by Sir Arthur Streeton and those of the Heidelberg school of artists.

Graham presently lives in Lithgow NSW. After 25 years of professional painting he has won many awards, including a number of first places, had sell-out exhibitions at Prouds Art Gallery Sydney and has his paintings in some of Australia most prestigious Art Galleries as well as the consulates. Graham works have been presented to visiting dignitaries, sports persons and are represented in private collections all over the world.

Graham is an incredible landscape artist having spent a lifetime painting the beauty of the Australian landscape. He lost his artist studio in the fires but saved most of his artwork by storing it in the house. The house has external damage but survived. His art studio burnt to the ground, his palette knives in the ashes, and his camper destroyed. Fortunately he and his family are safe.

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Kathryn Lewis

Kathryn is an artist living in American River on Kangaroo Island. Her work is typically neo-expressionistic. Kathryn started her journey as a field biologist in Idaho, gaining a BS in Biology, where she traveled to many parts of the North and South American studying geology and ecology of different biomes.

In the 80’s, she studied marine science at UQ and worked on the Great Barrier Reef earning an income as a taxonomical artist to support her degree. She gained further insight of the natural world from those around her including Ron and Val Taylor as well as the taxonomic keys of Emperor Hirohito, who worked on the classification of Paguridae, or the hermit crab.

She lives on Kangaroo Island and plenair paints the natural landscape as an environmental artist. She works as a volunteer for BirdLife Australia and collects data on beach laying birds. She has been effected by the fires on Kangaroo Island.

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Kate Owen

Kate is an abstract artist living in Northern NSW. Married to a farmer, mother of boys and perpetual entrepreneur sharing her creative soul on the canvas. Her studio is a purpose built oasis of peace and positivity. A sanctuary, where she can scribble and splash her emotions and impressions of memories onto paper and canvas.

She uses acrylics in order to work quickly and intuitively. She is continually excited by colour combinations and she’s fascinated with line using graphite, pencil and oil stick or scratching back through layers of paint to add dimension. Collage is her favourite, which she finds incredibly therapeutic and it satisfies her need to arrange forms for a visually pleasing asthetic.

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Rebecca Hill

Rebecca, better known as Bec, is an emerging artist that likes to keep things free and wild allowing the animal to form with progressing layers. She is located in the foothills of the Grampians, South West Victoria where she enjoys being outdoors, preferable in the warmer months! She loves spending a great deal of time immersed in nature and taking in the natural wonders that the local wildlife presents.

She has experimented with many painting techniques and mediums before settling on her own way of “giving life to the canvas”. She now produces a variety of art in varied mediums ranging from realistic oil paintings to loose expressive impressionistic paintings on quality canvases, along with some free and wild mixed media paintings on lush art paper. Each piece starts with a rough sketch, nothing too serious, and then a messy under-painting that quite often resembles an abstract piece.

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John Giese

John lives and practices in North Rivers, NSW, Australia. Supplying galleries for over 15 years and exhibiting in over 33 shows nationally. The making of art is a reflection of the ever deepening fascination with our common yet often overlooked felt presence or awareness. Each painting is a direct and engaging meditation on that which is unnameable yet effortlessly present always.

His compositions are designed to create tension and rhythm. Gradually enticing life, light and movement into the work; endeavoring to keep the work open and spontaneous as long as possible. Color schemes have a symbolic language, Earth tones represent the elements while the primaries and their varied tones represent light and its spectrum. A mixture of surface finishes and linear marks create a variety of visual stimulation. The formal qualities he uses aim to effect the viewer; so they feel they are in the presence of something living, aware, authentic and very rare.

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