Enhancing public art with artist holograms and digital content instead of displaying a simple plaque.

AR experiences allow users to take their own guided tour of public artworks and get additional information about the artworks from the artists, Scottsdale Public Art staff, and others associated with the artworks.

AR experiences are triggered by user’s mobile device location at each public artwork around Scottsdale AZ. Before setting out, users are invited to download and install Hoverlay camera browser and search for Scottsdale Public Art channel to unlock these experiences at each of the artworks. As Hoverlay camera browser allows visitors to take photos and video of their augmented reality experience directly within the app, they are invited to share their experiences on social media.

Through Hoverlay camera browser, viewers can hold their phone up to a participating artwork and watch animated videos of artists and dignitaries share the behind-the-scenes story of each piece. With these new AR features people can find out more about the artworks than they would get from a simple plaque. Scottsdale Public Art staff and artists had fun telling stories about the public art in front of the green screen and then seeing their avatars talking on the screens of their phones.

NBC’s 12 NEWS coverage on Scottsdale Public Art Hoverlay channel that features AR experiences for 11 permanent public art pieces in Scottsdale AZ.

Scottsdale's Most Prominent Public Art Pieces Are Enhanced with Augmented Reality

The art sculpture “Passing the Legacy” by Herb Mignery. Meet Mark Reynolds, captain of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Hashknife Posse and learn about the historic route that is recreated annually that culminates at this public art piece inspired by the historic Pony Express.

Artists including John Randall Nelson, Mary Bates Neubauer and Curtis Pittman each appear in Augmented Reality to talk about their artworks. Mark Reynolds, the captain of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Hashknife Posse will talk about “Passing the Legacy” by Herb Mignery and the staff from the Cosanti Foundation will talk about “Soleri Bridge and Plaza” by Paolo Soleri. The AR experiences also feature an animation of blooming cactus, time-lapse videos and fun facts.

Adding AR to public art gives the community a chance to experience art outdoors. It’s also an opportunity for Scottsdale Public Art to continue a variation of the 3.25 mile “Cycle the Arts” event this year which was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

In years past, Scottsdale Public Art and the city would team up to host “Cycle the Arts” on one day because they would arrange artists and staff to be present at each stop. This year, Hoverlay allows them to offer additional content to the stops at any time and in a safe, socially distant manner. “Cycle the Arts” AR content will now be available to anyone encountering these works, whether they are doing the tour on foot or even in their car — beyond Valley Bike Month and throughout the year.

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11 Permanent Public Artworks That Feature AR Experiences

The map illustrates locations of 11 permanent public artworks where AR experiences are available via +ScottsdalePublicArt Hoverlay AR channel.