The live concert by the Berklee NYC graduate student and artist Danielle Parkka provided a parallel layer of artist-created Augmented Reality (AR) content powered by Hoverlay platform

NEW YORK, NY (May 11, 2022) – Berklee NYC, the premier Berklee’s New York City master’s program campus, and Hoverlay, the spatial publishing company, broke a new ground on Friday May 6th, 2022, by delivering the first ever end-to-end augmented live music performance by Berklee NYC graduate student and artist Danielle Parkka.

The live concert, held at the legendary Power Station at Berklee NYC building, featured Danielle’s upcoming mini album “Sentimental Worlds” along with her self-created AR experiences placed virtually around the audience. The immersive content for each of the songs in the live set was triggered by MIDI notes and experienced on mobile devices through Hoverlay’s camera browser.

While some artists have previously injected AR content at specific moments within their live performances, the idea of an augmented performance with a parallel layer of immersive content being delivered and automatically synced throughout an entire show has never been done before. Even more remarkable, an artist herself created and published AR content without any special coding or development skills.

“One of Berklee NYC’s core educational missions is to explore new forms of live performance experiences.” said Loudon Stearns, Berklee NYC’s program director and Berklee’s faculty. “Combining Danielle’s creative talent with Hoverlay’s powerful platform, we were able to showcase a step forward to a more interactive and engaging concert experience that can seamlessly merge live music with immersive content.”

“We are excited to work with Berklee NYC and Danielle on pushing the new boundaries for live music experience.” said Nicolas Robbe, CEO and Co-founder of Hoverlay. “Our spatial publishing platform empowers both new and established artists to easily create, publish, and share virtual content, opening new ways to share context and meaning with the public as they experience artistic creations.”


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