Hoverlay Offers Unlimited Virtual Artworks for Free Until June 2020

In these difficult times for art professionals, it is important to make decisions to protect art sales and adapt to a new reality. While most art lovers are confined at home and can’t visit galleries, you can now bring your art to them using Augmented Reality. That way they can experience a live-like virtual version of your artwork on their own walls. To play our part to help you navigate these challenging times, we are offering any art gallery and artist unlimited virtual artworks for free until June 2020. For the next couple of weeks, we will be holding daily live tutorials on Hoverlay's YouTube channel, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4PM EST (New York time), and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10AM EST.

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The Shaw & 54th Regiment Memorial AR Experience

The Robert Gould Shaw & 54th Regiment Memorial, one of America’s greatest public work of art can now be experienced from anywhere in the world in Augmented Reality using a phone or tablet. Hoverlay created the AR experience sponsored by The Friends of The Public Garden and produced in partnership with the National Park Service, the City of Boston, the Museum of African American History, and AR artist and Emerson College professor John Craig Freeman.

Hoverlay AR Channels Turn Physical Places Into a New Medium

Just like FM radio frequencies, Hoverlay AR Channels enable you to have your own “AR frequency” where you can create and share digital content into any physical space. With Hoverlay AR channels you can:

* Tell visitors about places of interest via holograms, videos, audio, and 3D
* Promote and preview places and venues via AR portals
* Open a window into the past and the future via AR storytelling
* Create memorable AR experiences via 3D models and animations

The Greenway Conservancy & Hoverlay Unveil the Largest AR Art Installation in North America

Over 1.3 million park visitors per year can experience content of the augmented reality exhibit on their iOS and Android phones at one of the 16 stations along the 1.5-mile park, by tuning into TheGreenway AR channel on Hoverlay. Watch the segment from Boston’s CBS TV News on this exciting partnership!

Focus on the content, we focus on the rest

Hoverlay is built upon ARKit and ARCore, giving you the most powerful AR capabilities without the sweat.

Simple to create

Create size-accurate digital twins from your existing content assets and place them in any physical space.

Device agnostic

Your twins can be experienced on any ARkit or ARcore capable iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet device.

No markers needed

No markers needed to place artworks or products on walls or floors as our camera-based AR browser automatically detects user environments.

Boost your engagement

Create digital twins of your art, products, or yourself, and add them to your website, social post, text, or email.

Ready for scale

Have a large product portfolio or art catalog? Digital twins can be created from your CMS or database using Hoverlay APIs.

Easy implementation

Our simple implementation process makes sure you can be up and running with your AR-ified catalog or e-commerce within hours.

How to Transform Art Selling with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is at the core of a major change in many areas of our lives including the business of selling and buying art. Over the past few years, online art marketplaces have reshaped the rules of offer and demand. We asked the owners of several art galleries that deployed Hoverlay how Augmented Reality experience influenced their customer engagement and the sales.

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