Publish Content To Any Space

Create digital twins of your art, products, or yourself, and share them in any space from webpages, emails, print or AR channels.

Hoverlay Home

Bring your artworks to home walls worldwide as size-accurate digital twins.

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Hoverlay Spaces

Augment parks and cities with art, history, and interactive stories.

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Hoverlay Events

Deliver a ground-breaking way to experience virtual performances & speeches.

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Hoverlay Education

Teach AR storytelling and spatial web basics via a new medium.

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AR Content Pieces


AR Channels



Lastest News

Read more about Hoverlay news and developments as we build the next generation AR publishing platform and spatial web solution.

Featured Augmented Reality Channels

Hoverlay AR channels are like “local radio frequencies for Augmented Reality” where anyone can create, publish, and share digital content at any location.

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