The Greenway Conservancy & Hoverlay Unveil the Largest AR Art Installation in North America

Over 1.3 million park visitors per year can experience content of the augmented reality exhibit on their iOS and Android phones at one of the 16 stations along the 1.5-mile park, by tuning into TheGreenway AR channel on Hoverlay. Watch the segment from Boston’s CBS TV News on this exciting partnership!


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Hoverlay Welcomes KAB Gallery On Its AR Platform

Established in 2013 and located in Terrigal Australia, KAB Gallery specializes in collectable and investment art from a range of Australian artists. The gallery also provides a range of services for art collectors including restorations and valuations. We are excited to have KAB Gallery’s amazing art catalog on Hoverlay's AR platform so their inspiring artworks can be experienced on any wall around the globe.


Create Digital Twins from Existing Digital Assets

Flat Art & Photography

Turn png and jpg images into a framed version that can be virtually hang on any wall.

Video Holograms

Present your product, service, or yourself by turning a green-screen video straight into a hologram.

Physical Products & 3D Art

Turn any gtlb 3D model into a size-accurate digital twin.

Art Galleries – Make Your Artwork Catalog Viewable on Any Wall

Offer customers a groundbreaking way to experience and fall in love with your art, directly on their own walls. Size-accurate “digital twins” of your art catalog are generated automatically, and integrated into your existing e-commerce or CMS within minutes.


Focus on the content, we focus on the rest

Hoverlay is built upon ARKit and ARCore, giving you the most powerful AR capabilities without the sweat.

Simple to create

Create size-accurate digital twins from your existing content assets and place them in any physical space.

Device agnostic

Your twins can be experienced on any ARkit or ARcore capable iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet device.

No markers needed

No markers needed to place artworks or products on walls or floors as our camera-based AR browser automatically detects user environments.

Boost your engagement

Create digital twins of your art, products, or yourself, and add them to your website, social post, text, or email.

Ready for scale

Have a large product portfolio or art catalog? Digital twins can be created from your CMS or database using Hoverlay APIs.

Easy implementation

Our simple implementation process makes sure you can be up and running with your AR-ified catalog or e-commerce within hours.

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