Unleash Your Digital Content

Extend your website, social posts or emails with real-size digital twins of your art, your products, your work. Let your customers or fans experience your content in their space.

Focus On Content, Not Code

Generate micro-experiences from your existing assets, like transparent images, green-screen videos, audio, or 3d models.

Our free camera packages all the latest advancement in Computer Vision and AR, so that you can focus on the content.

Design at Scale

Hoverlay’s platform is designed to produce, integrate and manage your micro experiences like any other web resources. At scale.

Your First Digital Twin Is Less Than 2 Minutes Away

1- Paste a link to your image, video or model

2- Copy the generated hoverlay link for your ari-fied asset

3 - Add your hoverlay link to an email, text, tweet, webpage…

Open on your iPhone or iPad and enjoy!

How Hoverlay works

Use our patent pending technologies to create packages of content with links and actions that can appear anywhere in physical space as cubes, cutout images, videos, holograms, or 3D models.

The City of Durham Choses Hoverlay for the 2018 Innovate Durham

The City of Durham and Durham County chose Hoverlay for the 2018 Innovate Durham, a 12-weeks program to test out innovative solutions to local challenges. Hoverlay will enable location-based AR experiences and information about development of projects at the location of the projects managed by city’s two departments in order to increase engagement and understanding of the benefits of new development.

Meet Hoverlay at Marketing Technology Summit

Hear Hoverlay’s CEO and co-founder Nicolas Robbe at Marketing Technology Summit that takes place on December 3, 2018 as he will dive in how content is moving with an increased fluidity between digital and physical world via AR, changing how people buy, compare products, and connect with brands.


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