Place Content in Context

Place content at a location, and others can find it. No text messages, phone number, URL or email required!

As Simple As Copy/Paste

Simply add your best content to a package called hoverpack that you drop and un-drop at will.

Share What Matters

Share links, social profiles, presentations, videos, images and other curated content in context of time and space.

How Hoverlay works

Create packages of content with links and actions that can appear in space as cubes, cutout images, videos, holograms, or 3D models

Featured Video of the Month

**Augment Conference Space** - virtually drop your slides, surveys, LinkedIn profile in a physical location for your audience to collect and interact.

The City of Durham Choses Hoverlay for the 2018 Innovate Durham

The City of Durham and Durham County chose Hoverlay for the 2018 Innovate Durham, a 12-weeks program to test out innovative solutions to local challenges. Hoverlay will enable location-based AR experiences and information about development of projects at the location of the projects managed by city’s two departments in order to increase engagement and understanding of the benefits of new development.

Hoverlay Selected for Boston’s 2018 HUBWeek Showcase

Hoverlay is a part of HUBweek’s annual Startup Showcase that will take place on October 13th at Boston’s City Hall Plaza. Hoverlay joins Boston’s highest impact startups, innovation labs, and leading companies for a day of exploration and collaboration at this massive showcase and celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation.


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