Create and share virtual content with your audience at live events.


Engage your audiences before, during and post live event.


Publish immersive content and AR experiences for live events without coding.

Create, Publish, and Share Virtual Content at Concerts and Events

Hoverlay spatial publishing platform empowers artists, performers, speakers and event organizers to easily create, publish, and share immersive content and AR experiences at live performances, theater plays, political rallies, commencement speeches, keynotes, and other physical events. Our no-code Augmented Reality platform provides new and exciting ways to engage audiences before, during, and post live event.

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Berklee NYC and Hoverlay Pioneer First Ever End-to-End Augmented Live Show

Berklee NYC, the premier Berklee's New York City master’s program campus, and Hoverlay, the spatial publishing company, broke a new ground on Friday May 6th, 2022, by delivering the first ever end-to-end augmented live music performance by Berklee NYC graduate student and artist Danielle Parkka.

The immersive content for each of the songs in the live set was triggered by MIDI notes and experienced on mobile devices through Hoverlay’s camera browser.

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Library of Congress Delivers AR Concerts

Faced with unprecedented times during the 2020-2021 season, the LOC embarked on the exciting project to bring the magic of its concert series and rich music collections to the greatest possible audience. To that end, the LOC offered a unique performance in Augmented Reality, virtually bringing the artists on the Coolidge stage.

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