Virtually bring performers or presenters to your audience’s physical spaces.


Continue selling tickets, sponsorships, and conference passes – only virtually.


Create virtual events without coding using simple green screens and 360 photos.

AR Concerts, Virtual Performances, and Events via No Code AR Platform for Performers, Venues, & Event Organizers

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are optimal digital mediums for recreating the magic of physical events. Hoverlay is the leading no code platform for venues, performers, presenters and event organizers to easily create their virtual augmented reality channel where they can virtualize and publish music performances, standup comedy acts, theater plays, political rallies, commencement speeches, keynotes, and any other physical event.

In addition, Hoverlay Events platform allows for those experiences to be integrated in existing workflows like ticketing, enabling the continuation of the existing business models around performances and events.

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A Full-Length AR Concert "Viaggio in Italia" by Tesla Quartet via Augmented Reality

Join Tesla Quartet on Sunday March 7, 2021 for a full-length virtual music concert titled “Viaggio in Italia”, with 360 AR performances throughout Italy hosted by University of Dayton, represented by Ariel Artists, and produced by Immersphere and powered by Hoverlay.

Check out the brief trailer for the upcoming concert.

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ZOFO AR Concert & Virtual Performance on the Library of Congress Coolidge Stage Powered by Hoverlay

Enjoy a full-length virtual AR concert of Grammy-nominated piano duo ZOFO on the Coolidge Stage of the Library of Congress, produced by Immersphere and powered by Hoverlay platform. ZOFO appears to be on the Coolidge stage, and you can wander around the hall to find your favorite seat while taking in the concert.

Check out a brief video for a peek behind the curtain at how ZOFO made it onto the Coolidge stage.

Visit Concert Info at Library of Congress