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Hoverlay Offers Unlimited Virtual Artworks for Free Until June 2020

In these difficult times for art professionals, it is important to make decisions to protect art sales and adapt to a new reality. While most art lovers are confined at home and can’t visit galleries, you can now bring your art to them using Augmented Reality. Using their phone or tablet, art buyers can experience life-like virtual versions of any art piece, on their own wall, fall in love and buy, as they would in a gallery or art show. With all things considered, we’re giving you a full access to the Hoverlay platform with unlimited virtual artwork until June for free. Setting up a virtual gallery takes less than a day, so you could be ready by the end of the week.

For the next couple of weeks, we will be holding daily live tutorials on Hoverlay’s YouTube Channel, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4PM EST (New York time), and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10AM EST.

Enable anyone to virtually experience your art on their own walls through their phone or tablet.

Let website visitors shorten their decision cycle by experiencing your artwork directly from web, email, or social.

“Digital twins” of your art integrated into your existing e-commerce or content management system within minutes.

Seamless User Journey
From your website, email, print, or social post to AR and back, Hoverlay provides an uninterrupted user’s journey.

Framed or Unframed Option
You can select either framed or unframed option for your artwork catalog for a display on any wall.

Our pricing aligns with your number of artworks, making it accessible to galleries or artists of all sizes.

Size-Accurate Artwork
Your artwork is automatically sized based on dimensions you provide, simplifying buying decisions and minimizing returns.

Works Anywhere
Digital twins of your artwork catalog can be viewed anywhere in the world, at any physical location, on any wall.

No Markers Needed
Unlike first generation AR, Hoverlay integrates the latest computer vision to identify walls and sizes without markers.

"This is game changing technology for buying art! With Hoverlay every home is a virtual art gallery and we love that our clients can view the art in their home before buying.”

Nancy Donaldson
Co-founder Art Lovers Australia

"A client located in Asia used Hoverlay to help her decide on the purchase of two pieces. Being able to quickly visualize exactly how the artworks will look in her home allowed her to make a decision with confidence.”

Kerry Blanket
Co-founder KAB Gallery

See Hoverlay in Action

Over 30,000 artworks are already augmented with Hoverlay. Using your mobile device visit websites below and try a "View in My Room" button.

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