Adopt best practices and spatial context for storyboarding, designing, and creating memorable AR experiences.


Utilize no-code spatial publishing app for improving AR literacy and students overall understanding of spatial web basics.


Teach AR storytelling techniques and processes to help students understand what makes AR a different medium.

Teach Students How To Use AR to Create Their Own Spatial Content

While Snapchat and Facebook popularized Augmented Reality for fun, this is just the tip of an iceberg. With AR glasses just around the corner, you can teach students some invaluable skills about telling stories of 3D modeling, animation, art, history, language and more in their own way, through new and immersive media.

Using our no-code spatial publishing web app Hoverlay Spaces, students will be able to compose, test and publish their own immersive content and AR experiences at any location or space, all while learning foundation and capabilities of this groundbreaking computing paradigm.
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Hoverlay Partners with Northeastern on Multiple Projects

For the second time, Hoverlay teamed up with Northeastern Professor David Tames to organize student workshops and bring local stories across Toronto to life using AR.

Starting November 2021, Northeastern professor Jamal Thorne will use Hoverlay Spaces spatial publishing app to teach students immersive media classes.

Northeastern University students used Hoverlay spatial publishing to tell immersive stories on their campus during 2021 Commencement events.
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2021 SMASH Virtual Pitch Competition Uses Hoverlay Spaces

Over 600 SMASH scholars used their design-thinking to leverage Hoverlay to address issues affecting their communities. Nine teams advanced to the National Pitch Competition to showcase their innovative ideas.

Watch the video to catch a glimpse of SMASH at UCLA, who won the competition with their solution by utilizing Hoverlay Spaces to make remote learning more entertaining for elementary students.
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Student Created AR Experience on Cambridge Public Library’s Lawn

Inspired by the tragic murder of George Floyd, Innovators for Purpose Teen Creatives channeled their fears and chose to use their creative voice to make a difference. Using Hoverlay Spaces they created an AR experience “This Should Not Be” addressing the dual pandemics of 2020 and systemic racism which concludes with their visions of an America we all can believe in.
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"A new era of storytelling is emerging. Hoverlay enables any storyteller to utilize Augmented Reality to transform how to tell stories by placing virtual story objects out in the world, enabling audiences to experience narratives in a spatial context."

David Tames
Northeastern University

“An easy to use AR creation platform is paramount to the growth of AR expression, Hoverlay is on their way to become that platform.”

Cindi Bishop
MIT Media Lab

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Teach students how to compose, test and publish immersive content anywhere in the world.


Virtual Art Camp For Kids Arrived at Scottsdale Arts

Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation and Scottsdale Public Art presented a virtual art camp for kids. Experience marked the debut of the art camp's Augmented Reality features, created in conjunction with Scottsdale Public Art and Hoverlay. Instructional videos and new AR experiences were released throughout each week.
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