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Hoverlay Spaces: Introduce Students to Immersive Media and Let Their Creativity Bloom

With Hoverlay, add 3D to your assignments by turning the world into your own publishing board. It will allow you and your students to place and share virtual content that tells powerful stories about the past, present or future. With Hoverlay Spaces you don’t need coding experience and you will keep full control of your published content.

With the development of augmented glasses just around the corner your students will acquire invaluable skills in creating and sharing their own immersive experiences and demonstrate acquired knowledge in art, history, language and more with their peers and local communities using Augmented Reality. From 4th graders practicing their presentation skills to college students experimenting with cutting edge immersive media, we have a virtual publishing tool for you.
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The replay of our online workshop “Creating Immersive Media in the Classroom” with practical examples from Northeastern University to Berklee.

Virtual Experiences and Immersive Media Classes at Northeastern University

The College of Arts, Medium and Design has been using Hoverlay technology for the past two years in immersive media, journalism, and storytelling classes. The 2021 Commencement ceremony was highlighted by surprising experiences from augmented murals to holograms placed throughout the Northeastern University campus showcasing the work of the Discovery Lab students. Northeastern University's 2022 Commencement ceremony featured Augmented Reality through Hoverlay for the second year in a row.
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Creating & Teaching Immersive Media Classes at Northeastern University

Jamal Thorne is a Professor at Northeastern University and a Boston based artist. In this inspiring session titled “Lessons Learned from Teaching Immersive Media at Northeastern University” Jamal talks about his approach to teaching immersive media and designing immersive media classes and programs using Hoverlay spatial publishing platform.
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Concord Academy Uses Hoverlay for Student-Developed Virtual Campus Tour

Watch an inspiring video of Kim Frederick, Concord Academy history teacher, talking about the way her school uses Augmented Reality (AR) for historical projects. The history class students spent an entire semester researching local history of the land where Concord Academy was built on in Concord MA. The research helped students develop immersive content for the virtual campus tour. Students applied AR through Hoverlay platform to showcase what the past looked like using documents, visuals, and commentary to explain economic, social, political, and urban planning history of the location.

Berklee NYC and Hoverlay Pioneer First Ever End-to-End Augmented Live Show

Berklee NYC, the premier Berklee's New York City master’s program campus, and Hoverlay, the spatial publishing company, broke a new ground on Friday May 6, 2022, by delivering the first ever end-to-end augmented live music performance by Berklee NYC graduate student and artist Danielle Parkka. The immersive content for each of the songs in the live set was triggered by MIDI notes and experienced on mobile devices through Hoverlay’s camera browser.
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"A new era of storytelling is emerging. Hoverlay enables any storyteller to utilize Augmented Reality to transform how to tell stories by placing virtual story objects out in the world, enabling audiences to experience narratives in a spatial context."

David Tames
Northeastern University

“An easy to use AR creation platform is paramount to the growth of AR expression, Hoverlay is on their way to become that platform.”

Cindi Bishop
MIT Media Lab

Stem-Oriented High School Students Pitching Ideas on How to Use AR Technology in a Beneficial Way

For the past 2 years, over 600 SMASH Academy scholars have been thinking on how technology such as Hoverlay publishing platform could address issues affecting their communities. Nine teams advanced to the 2021 National Pitch Competition to showcase their innovative ideas. Watch the video to catch a glimpse of SMASH at UCLA, who won the competition with their solution by using Hoverlay Spaces to make remote learning more entertaining for elementary students.
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“This Should Not Be” - High School Students Share Their View of Social Issues Through AR on Cambridge Public Library’s Ground

Reacting to the tragic murder of George Floyd, a group of teens used their assertive voice to express their thoughts and feelings about systemic racism in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. Under the leadership of the non profit "Innovators for Purpose" and the Cambridge Library Makers Lab, they published 5 powerful virtual installations using self-created videos, green-screen recordings, animations, and writings including a memorial to George Floyd.
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Virtual Art Camp For Kids Arrived at Scottsdale Arts

Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation and Scottsdale Public Art presented a virtual art camp for kids. Experience marked the debut of the art camp's Augmented Reality features, created in conjunction with Scottsdale Public Art and Hoverlay. Instructional videos and new AR experiences were released throughout each week.

Hoverlay Spaces is a finalist for the 2022 Auggie Award in the category "Best Creator & Authoring Tool"

The annual Auggie Awards have been the most recognized AR & VR industry awards in the world since 2010. Now in its 13th year, the Auggies continue to showcase the best of the best in augmented, virtual and mixed reality. Hoverlay is proud to be a finalist for 2022 Best Creator & Authoring Tool category.