A few weeks ago, I received a text that said: “check this out”. As I clicked on the link, my mind started to race. Here I was: looking at +KevinOnEarth performing in my living room. For me, who’s been in the music business for most of my professional life, it dawned on me that this experience had the potential to revolutionize how artists connect with their audience, and distribute their content moving forward.

I met Kevin Clark at ARIA conference in Boston. We quickly connected over the same passion for music and technology. Kevin is a music artist, tech CEO, one of Improper Bostonian’s “Top 25 Under 25”, and the creator of music therapy based software Point Motion. And just like myself, Kevin is Berklee Alumni.

At the conference, he got a preview of our new augmented reality app and ways it places digital content directly into physical world. Kevin saw the opportunity to do something no one had ever managed to, bring an Augmented Reality Music Video to the masses. We have all seen those animated bitmoji dancers on Snapchat, but a full-length music video in AR would be a whole new level. To be able to bring a live performance to any listener around the world would be a great achievement. Kevin had a plan (and access to a green screen!).

Nicolas Robbe, Hoverlay’s co-founder and myself gave him an early access to Hoverlay app, in which he proceeded to create a song called “In Line” and a music video exclusively designed to be experienced right in front of you, in Augmented Reality, using a phone. The concept is simple; it’s a song about waiting in line, an experience Kevin say’s “connects us all”, and that anyone can now lighten up with a live performance of the song.

On Mach 23rd the Hoverlay app was officially launched on the iOS app store, so anyone can take a look at the video themselves to see what they think. The best part is that anyone can bring their content into AR with relative ease now.

Kevin is pioneering a revolutionary approach for music artists to connect with their audience, in a way that is inherently more authentic and more personal. It is an exciting time to experiment using AR in transforming how people experience music.

To download the Hoverlay App and watch the first ever Augmented Reality Music Video by Kevin on Earth “In Line”, visit: https://itunes.com/apps/hoverlay and go to +KevinOnEarth or if you are on your phone click: hoverlay://showplus/KevinOnEarth

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