AR turns parks, monuments, buildings or streets into a new medium, where history and future come to life.


Enable a new generation of constituents to create stronger connections with a location’s past or buy into future developments.


Tell stories that move people, using photo galleries, holograms or 3d models, and lead them to take actions on the spot.

The Greenway Park in Boston Creates An AR Channel on Hoverlay with AR Art & History

Over 1.3 million visitors per year can experience content of the AR art and history at 16 stations along the 1.5-mile park. Watch the segment from Boston’s CBS TV News on this exciting partnership.
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Bring Content to Any Spot
Augment any public location in your city or park with informative, historical, educational, or entertaining content.

Deploy Holograms
Deploy holograms to educate, inform, or entertain; leverage creative possibilities that only the spatial web can offer.

One App for All AR Needs
You don’t have to spend your budget on building your custom AR app as Hoverlay takes care of backend and updates.

Geo-located AR Channels
Place and update content at any location via AR channels just like using local radio stations for Augmented Reality.

Enable Unique Experiences
Use AR as a better way to tell stories to the public and share new and unique prospectives on history and art.

Create Content with Simplicity
Create AR experiences from historical photos, audio recordings, green screen videos, or 3D models.

"Working with Hoverlay far exceeded our expectations! Through their Augmented Reality technology, Durham County was able to engage our stakeholders in a new and innovative way; helping us to pursue better our strategic goal of being an accountable, efficient and visionary government.”

Eric Marsh
Strategic Initiatives - Durham County Government

The Shaw & 54th Memorial AR Experience Brings Monument's Digital Twin Replica & Holographic Stories

The Robert Gould Shaw & 54th Regiment Memorial, one of America’s greatest public work of art can now be experienced from anywhere in the world in Augmented Reality using a phone or tablet.
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Public Art in the Digital Age: A Curated Conversation on Augmented Reality

Watch a curated conversation on public art in the digital age and the borderless possibilities of Augmented Reality brought you by The Greenway Conservancy, Hoverlay, Boston Cyberarts, and the new media artist John Craig Freeman.