Founded in 2016, Art Lovers Australia is one of Australia’s largest online galleries with over 10,000 curated pieces of art from almost 500 quality artists. Art Lovers Australia has just released a “view in my room” capability on their online website based on Hoverlay’s AR publishing platform for art. Each web page can now open up a “digital twin” of any art piece using Hoverlay’s camera-based browser, and allow users to see true to scale artwork on their wall instantly – making every home a virtual art gallery.

“This will change the way people look at and buy art. To see if it fits, if the colors work, if it blends – knowing all that takes the guesswork out of purchasing art once and for all,” said Nancy Donaldson, Art Lovers Australia Director. “We understand that most of us are time poor, and we don’t always have time to visit galleries, or find the perfect piece that fits both taste and budget. Hoverlay solves that problem and much more,” said Ms Donaldson.

Customers anywhere in the world will be able to use their mobile phone and make their home an instant art gallery. The Art Lovers Australia app deployment also looks to be a major boost for artists struggling for recognition. “Traditionally, galleries looked after the marketing and promotion for artists but with so many galleries closing each year, artists are finding they have lost access to their customers. Hoverlay AR platform for art allows artists to connect and have their work displayed exactly where it needs to be display – on the potential buyer’s wall,” said Ms Donaldson.

Jeska Valk, winner of the 2019 Art Lovers Prize, sees the technology as a dream come true. “Bigger pieces are often more difficult to sell, as art lovers are sometimes concerned about the piece fitting in terms of size and the overall aesthetic. To have that exact artwork to scale on their wall in seconds will change everything. Artists are so excited to see this new technology in play,” said Ms Valk.

art lovers Australia launches Hoverlay

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