Create an immersive way for artists and audiences to meet in 360 environments of concert halls or outdoor places.


Monetize music or theater virtual performances with a new revenue model built for presenters and performance artists.


Utilize evergreen virtual performances with a global reach to new audiences and offer educational/play along content.

The Performing Arts + Full Immersion + Limitless Worlds = ImmerSphere

ImmerSphere is a ground-breaking augmented reality performance format which offers an immersive way for artists and audiences to meet again in their beloved concert halls and theaters, in any 360 environment on earth, and in new worlds entirely.

Honoring the notion of place itself as a complex of memories, emotions, and shared experiences, ImmerSphere overcomes physical limitations and offers a captivating way to meet again in beloved places, as well as build new worlds together through artistic imagination, joyful exploration, inclusive dialogue, and sheer abundance of possibility.

Celebrated as “radical digital defiance” by Ben Dietschi of the renowned DeVos Institute for Artist Management, ImmerSphere "shatters limitation[s]’s pushing the limits of available tech to reconstruct a fuller spectrum of audience experiences.”
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How Does ImmerSphere Work?

1) The artist records a live performance in front of a green screen, using ImmerSphere’s artist certification training to achieve high-quality audio and video.

2) The presenter provides a 360 photo and the ambient sound of their performance space, with guidance from ImmerSphere engineers on how best to capture the space.

3) ImmerSphere remasters the artist’s audio/video, creating a “2.5D” performance artist hologram. We also create a spherical rendering of the presenter’s performance space to place the artist inside the virtual venue.

4) Audience enters the experience via the presenter’s ImmerSphere broadcast channel. The virtual concert hall unfolds around them in AR as they find themselves just a few steps from the stage to enjoy the performance.